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Specification Engineer Team Lead

  • 2023-11-08


Singapore, Singapore

Specification Engineer Team Lead

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

This position is responsible for leading the Specification Engineer Team to drive specification sales and provide technical support to specifiers, government agencies, customers and the company’s sales support staffs to promote the specification and use of Hilti products.

Job Responsibility:

  • To work closely with Head of Engineering to translate Hilti Over-Arching Engineering Strategies into actionable business plans and targets for the Specification Engineer team.
  • Plan, implement and monitor systematic execution plans for the Specification Engineer to drive Specifier & Influencer (S&I) Engagement via Discipline Engineering Execution (DEE) approach.
  • Identify, develop and coach future team members and team lead candidates.
  • Ensure SE team is constantly securing immediate and mid-/long-term Fastening & Firestop (F&P) product sales opportunities, and communicating regularly with Area Sales (ASM) and Account Managers (AMs) on identified Hilti product sales opportunities to ensure information shared and coordinated via adopted channels, e.g. CRM, SM meeting etc.
  • Lead SE team to identify, develop and provide technical assistance for new applications, construction trends, and business potentials to the AMs and Sales Managers. (e.g. Competitive and market research, special projects, new product or applications introductions, job-site data etc.)
  • Coach and guide SE to secure and deliver training seminars for consultants to raise awareness and create understanding of all existing and new Hilti products. At the same time, learn about consultant’s future projects and explore potential businesses.
  • Lead SE team to provide technical support and advice to the sales team on all available products, consistent with the company’s objective and marketing strategy, unless otherwise stipulated by management. (e.g. Application problems, product performance & liability, customer complaints).
  • Work with Engineering and Sales Managers (ASM) to have SE team be part of technical training of new AMs (e.g. field-rides, F&P technical training & assessments etc.).
  • Train and develop existing and new SE team members on both technical and non-technical aspects to drive specification sales of all company products to specifiers and influencers.
  • Developing a strong Hilti culture in the team.
  • Support SE team members on communication on all technical matters with internal stakeholders, customers, government bodies to ensure all information is accurate and that the company is protected against any liabilities.
  • Promote close teamwork among SE team members (SE, OE, KPE, FS etc.), and with cross-function team members (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service etc.).
  • Handle strategic key specifier accounts to demonstrate best practices to SE team members.
  • Handle contacts from influencers up to senior executive level to demonstrate best practices to SE team members.

What you need is:

  • A degree in Civil/Structural or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Strong Leadership Skills.
  • Proven track records in establishing new markets for products/services.
  • Familiar with local construction industry, including but not limited to its key stakeholders, processes and workflows.
  • Experience in working with design consultants in specification selling.
  • Familiar with Hilti Fastening & Protection products and engineering offerings.
  • Good business acumen.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.

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